I thought there would never come a day where I wasn’t bed ridden, laying on a pillow soaked with tears. Although I was surrounded by support, I felt so alone, ashamed and heartbroken. You know what I’m talking about right? The grief of loosing a child feels like a fog that you will never get out of. You feel lost and stuck on how you’ll be able to continue forward with the rest of your life. Even worse, it feels as though no one understands.

I know just how you're feeling in this moment.

You're wondering why this happened to you and what you could've done so wrong in your life to deserve this.

You're trapped in a sense of failure and feeling less of a woman as a result of this experience.

Even worse, while you may be surrounded by love and support, you still feel alone. Sure everyone tells you that you're going to be ok and that they're praying for you, but they don't truly know how you feel. 

I’ve experienced the disbelief, anger and depression that you're now feeling after the loss of your baby. Although you may not see your way out now, there is life on the other side of this.

If you're tired of:

  • Feeling as though you're a prisoner within your own body while putting on a mask around loved ones and lying to them about feeling ok
  • Beating up yourself because you feel as though you're not as far in your healing journey as you should be
  • Being on a constant search to find someone or something that will "fix you" and take away the pain

Join me for a virtual session where I can help you to:


Rebuild Your Confidence

Here's the thing, you don't need to be fixed - you're grieving, there's nothing wrong with you - however, I do understand that your confidence has taken a hit. 

I will teach you simple yet life altering concepts that will help you to rebuild your self esteem and elevate your self worth!

By the end of our session, I will provide you with the tools to help you remove guilt and shame from your healing journey.

Allow Your Body To Grieve With It Consuming Your Life

Struggling with negative thoughts is normal after experiencing loss. However, after spending months feeling trapped inside my head, I learned that I could control my thoughts. 

I studied, learned and implemented concepts such as The Law of Attraction and Quantum Living that helped me to go from being depressed to raising up being in a high vibration.

I couldn't change what happened, but I could choose how to move forward by choosing my thoughts. I'd love to teach you how to do the same. 

Adjusting Back To Everyday Life + A No Holds Barred Q&A

Loss will trick you into feeling as though you're alone, when in reality you aren't. Going into seclusion from the world can start to feel comfortable, but it's more detrimental to your healing process than you realize. I know, it may feel like even those closest to you just don't get it, so it just feels like there's no point in sharing your feelings with them. 

However, we'll discuss a few options of what you can do to make sure you're supported and understood as rebuild your life within your new normal. 

Finally, we will wrap up with a no holds barred Q&A Session where you can ask for help on anything you'd like that relates to moving forward in your loss. Ex: if you need help with how to remain present in your marriage, how to prepare for going back to work post loss or how to mentality prepare to try again



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My name is Jhéanell Adams and I am a Babyloss Mom just like you. In 2011, I became pregnant with my first child, my daughter Jolie. Unfortunately, I spontaneously went into preterm labor and she was born after 23 weeks and 5 days of gestation in my sisters living room. We were rushed to the hospital where she passed away a few hours later and in that moment, I felt as though I died along with her. What followed was a deep depression and diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 

As a coping mechanism, I used my blog to chronicle what I was going through which exposed me to the secret club of Angel Parents. As I slowly began to progress, other Babyloss Moms contact me for help. Over the years, I've supported many women who started off as strangers through their grief. However, it wasn't until 2016 that I fully embraced my Calling and became a Grief and Empowerment Coach for Babyloss Moms in order to help more women on a bigger scale. I also created the podcast and web show "Babyloss Talk" where I share advice and provide a platform for women to share their stories of loss so that we can create conversation that will help to remove the shame, stigma and loneliness of loosing a baby.

On what would have been Jolie's 3rd birthday, I launched an eco-luxury family friendly bodycare named Jolie Bloom as part of her legacy. 

After two high risk pregnancies, I've gone on to have two living children with my husband.